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Please be careful with my heart

Posted on: August 9, 2012

I have been hearing good reviews about a new day time soap on ABS-CBN called, “Please Be Careful in my Heart.” I have a regular job and therefore, is not able to watch even a single episode of this new show that is currently being talked about.  However, due to suspension of work yesterday, I kept myself glued to the television to see the latest news and at the same time, greet the chance to watch the show.

I might be making pre-mature judgement given that I have seen only an episode. However, I’d like to believe that the new show is different from the usual heavy drama telenovelas that we are accustomed to  – stories about searching for one’s child, looking for the parents, revenge, infidelity, etc.  This one is more of a feel good show.

This perhaps can be an evidence of consumers having an evolving taste. Given that we are bombarded mostly by negative news, Filipinos find a quick relief to a dilemma through a good plot and acceptable tandem of Richard Yap and Jodi Sta. Maria  in Please Be Careful with my Heart.

The ending might be predictable but the “kilig” moments injected in the plot and the superb acting of Richard (who was first introduced to us maybe through the Chowking commercial) and Jodi are just one of the many factors why it has become a hit to households. Its popularity is also extended among my officemates, who, when given the chance, look for a replay that is posted online.

Do you think there will be a possibility for this new show to be replayed during prime time?


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